4 Herbs to Enhance your Body in a Healthy Way.

4 Herbs to Enhance your Body.

If you’re trying to get your body into shape and you’re looking for ways to do it other than protein shakes then you should take a look at the following body enhancement herbs. Body enhancement herbs have a reputation for being good sources of nutrients for the body and here we have a rundown of some that will benefit you during your workout and the times in between.

 4 Herbs to Enhance your Body in a Healthy

4 Herbs to Enhance your Body in a Healthy


Gynostemma, otherwise known as Jiaogulan, is a diocesan climbing herb native to the South and East of Asia. It’s only recently been recognized as herbal medicine but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taken seriously as a contender against other more longstanding herbs like ginseng and Tribulus Terrestris because it does have some quite powerful benefits when consumed.

Gynostemma is a perfect addition to your diet when you’re looking for body-enhancement foods because it increases heart function. What is the benefit of increased heart function? The answer is simple: better stamina and endurance. Therefore, Gynostemma should be in every pantry of weightlifters but more particularly runners and cyclists who work up a higher heart rate when exercising.

Gynostemma has other benefits like lowering high cholesterol, reducing back pain, easing constipation, and fighting off bronchitis. However, a word of caution when using Gynostemma: it can cause moderate interference with some medications so make sure to consult a doctor before you add it to your diet.

 4 Herbs to Enhance your Body in a Healthy

4 Herbs to Enhance your Body in a Healthy

American ginseng

American ginseng is as reputed as its Asian counterpart when it comes to its medicinal properties and like its aforementioned partner, it takes four to six years to grow and can be harvested anywhere during that time.

American ginseng is high in antioxidants which means it helps reduce oxidant stress in bodily cells. The upside of this is when it comes to body enhancement it provides more energy and reduces tiredness which is perfect for athletes of all sports. There are other benefits to American ginseng that shouldn’t be overlooked at the same time.

American ginseng is great at combating inflammation and as such can reduce joint pain. The real kicker is its ability to lower the chances of developing liver, lung, stomach, and mouth cancer.

4 Herbs to Enhance your Body in a Healthy

Green tea

Everyone knows what green tea is and there’s a reason for that it has a number of beneficial body-enhancing nutrients in one little cup. For one it contains caffeine which is arguably the best legal stimulant available. However, caffeine is also a powerful appetite suppressant that can help people wanting to shed a few pounds actually lose weight if they have issues with controlling how much they eat

Moving along, green tea also has beneficial effects on the heart and blood pressure. It’s particularly effective in reducing blood sugar levels that influence how much insulin is produced in the bloodstream. The lowering of blood sugar levels is a good way to avoid Diabetes Type 2. As a result of lowering blood sugar, it can lead to better heart function and lower blood pressure.

There’s only one crux with green tea: you have to make sure you are drinking the right stuff to get any benefit. With the number of brands and variations of green tea on the market, you need to check that it is 100% green tea or green tea leaves, otherwise, you’re likely to be drinking something with the flavor but is otherwise processed which won’t really provide any true benefits.

 4 Herbs to Enhance your Body in a Healthy

4 Herbs to Enhance your Body in a Healthy

Tribulus Terrestris

Otherwise known as Goat’s Head, Tribulus Terrestris is a vine plant from the Mediterranean and bears fruits. Any part of the Tribulus Terrestris can be used for its medicinal properties and it does have a few benefits for those looking for body enhancement foods.

Tribulus Terrestris has been known to boost both estrogen and testosterone and this is definitely a benefit for those looking to appear more accentuated with their gender, but in particular, it is known as a bodybuilding supplement that increases muscle mass due to the increase in testosterone. There are some who claim the benefits of Tribulus Terrestris in muscle mass gains are unsubstantiated but a lot of bodybuilders say otherwise.

Like with green tea, Tribulus Terrestris is said to combat high blood pressure and be a preventative measure against Diabetes Type 2. It increases heart function and lowers blood pressure. Whether the claims are substantiated or not, why not try it out and decide for yourself if it works just as the bodybuilders say?

When thinking about body enhancements you’d do well to try out these body enhancement herbs because you don’t know if you don’t try and these four contenders come highly recommended by fitness bloggers and competing athletes.

Happy reading.

4 Herbs to Enhance your Body in a Healthy

4 Herbs to Enhance your Body in a Healthy

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