2 Ways to improve sexual drive in

2 Ways to improve sexual drive in women.

2 Ways to improve sexual drive in women.

If you’ve been experiencing fluctuations in your sexual drive, there’s no need to worry. The sexual drive works a bit differently for female folks – the tiniest activity in your body can affect your libido. But, it can be a problem when you rarely have sexual desire, it could be that you have a low libido. Low libido or sexual drive is a medical condition that is responsible for decreased sexual performance.

So how can you boost your sexual drive? We will show you natural herbs and foods that can help you. You may be surprised you had what you needed on your plate all the while. Read on to discover.

2 Ways to improve sexual drive in

#1. Ginseng

Ginseng is a popular supplement with several health benefits. This explains why it’s a major component of most supplements and used in traditional Chinese medicines for centuries. Research suggests that ginseng may be a natural substitute for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men.

Its constituents may prevent oxidative stress in blood vessels and tissues in the penis. A report has shown that Korean red ginseng boosted sex drive in postmenopausal women. Ginseng is available in fresh or raw form, capsules, powder, tablets, and liquid extracts. You can get them almost at any health store.

#2. Ginkgo

Ginkgo biloba is another common over-the-counter herbal supplement. Research results say that ginkgo may work as a natural aphrodisiac.

That’s to say that it can spike up sexual desire and improve sexual health overall. Ginkgo comes in various forms; tablets, capsules, liquid extracts, dried leaves, or tea. You can easily get ginkgo at a health store.

#3. Saffron

A common and recommended aphrodisiac is also a cooking spice. In a study, saffron improved sexual arousal in women suffering from antidepressant-caused sexual dysfunction within 4 weeks.

However, this study did not record any improvement in sexual desire. You can find saffron specialty grocery stores, spice shops, and alternatively, online stores. It’s often available in powder or capsule form. They might be on the high-price side though.

#4. Maca

Maca in ancient times has been used to boost fertility and sexual desire. According to studies, maca may have some potential for dealing with sexual dysfunction caused by antidepressants in postmenopausal women. Also, available in health stores, it can be capsules, powder, and liquid.

#5. Apples

A study showed that women who consumed an apple a day reported a better quality of sex life. While this may be true, it is not proven. However, apples contain quercetin; a flavonoid that offers several health benefits including promoting blood circulation. In men, quercetin can manage prostatitis, and help erection.

Quercetin can lower blood pressure at doses greater than 500 mg per day. In females, high blood pressure reduces the flow of blood to the vagina which can affect your response to sexual activity.

#6. Red Wine

Red wine is another well-known aphrodisiac. Red wine, made from grapefruits has a list of health benefits that also affect sexual health. Red wine can stimulate sexual appetite and may improve overall sexual function.

Quercetin contained in red wine can also accelerate blood flow to the sex organs to improve lubrication which is pertinent for easy penetration of the penis. However, you must take red wine as well as other alcoholic beverages in moderation as excess intake can reduce libido and over time weaken your sex life.

2 Ways to improve sexual drive in

Foods that Help Boost Your Libido.

Studies have shown that these foods contain properties that may boost sexual drive. However, most of these foods have shown more results in men than women. That doesn’t mean they won’t help anyway.

2 Ways to improve sexual drive in

Raw Oysters

Raw oysters are popular aphrodisiacs and have shown results in both males and females alike. It is rich in zinc which regulates women’s cycles. Zinc nourishes the ovarian follicles and thus promotes ovulation. Ovulation as you probably know is essential for your sexual health. Your libido increases as your ovulation approach.


Among the first on the list of aphrodisiacs, chocolate has been recommended over years for increasing sexual drive in men. Even though not much research has recorded its efficacy in females, they promote blood circulation and so may also help libido in females.

2 Ways to improve sexual drive in


Coffee is known to improve moods which means they help the production of the happy hormone; serotonin. A good mood sets the foundation for lovemaking, so coffee may truly help your sex life.


Chasteberry, also known as monk’s pepper or Vitex agnus-castus, is a popular herbal supplement used for many female reproductive health problems.


Bananas are also believed to boost libido. They are a great source of potassium, which aids in testosterone production. Even though more in men, women also have testosterone, and when low, it can affect sex drive adversely.

Bottom Line

So, you can see that most of what you need to improve your sexual drive and overall sex life is available in your kitchen. With this discovery, you may not worry about a low libido anymore.

2 Ways to improve sexual drive in women.

2 Ways to improve sexual drive in women.

2 Ways to improve sexual drive in women.

2 Ways to improve sexual drive in women.

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