15 little tricks.

15 Little tricks to achieve the best result in wellness.

15 Little tricks to achieve the best result in wellness.

To achieve the best result in wellness, you may have to stick around some rules. While there are many common health and wellness rules around, sometimes you may just need some little tricks to get your desired result.

When you incorporate these little habits into your daily life, they can make a lot of difference in how you feel and appear. In this article, you will discover 15 little tricks to help you achieve the best result in wellness.

What Does Wellness Mean?

In general, wellness means to be healthy and sound in all dimensions of life; socially, physically, and otherwise. An issue with any aspect of your life can negatively affect other areas.

So you need to ensure that you maintain wellness as a whole, leaving no stone unturned. 15 tricks you can engage to get the best result in your wellness adventure include:

1. Drink a glass of water early in the morning.

Water serves many purposes, one of which is cleansing. Taking a glass of water first thing in the morning is a good start for wellness. It helps to flush out toxic materials from your system and keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Strive to gulp at least 60 oz of water every morning as it will help set the pace for your wellness throughout the day.

15 little tricks.

2. Eat vegetables regularly.

Vegetables are generally rich in essential nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients. As phytonutrients (rich in fibre), aid digestion and keep you full for a long time. So, ensure that you have a dose of vegetables for every plate you eat.

3. Use non-toxic skincare personal products.

Most conventional skincare products are produced with toxic chemicals that can harm your body. Buy organic skin products that will be good on your skin and yet reduce the risk of skin problems.

15 little tricks.

4. Take probiotics daily.

Probiotics are food or supplements that help to improve the gut. Daily intake of probiotics can help your digestive system function properly. The proper functioning of your digestive system in turn boosts your immunity to diseases.

5. Eat natural foods.

Natural foods are foods that are not processed with chemicals or synthesized in any way. You can make out time to cook quality home meals; it puts you in control of what ingredients enter your meal.

In case you don’t have sufficient time to cook, make sure to buy homemade foods for yourself to avoid too many chemicals and toxins.

6. Get enough sunlight daily.

Sun rays can be harsh and even cause skin diseases. But at the same time, getting good sunlight can be beneficial if done at the right time. Morning sun is good for you as it gives vitamin D which is essential for overall wellness.

It is advisable to stay at least 30 minutes under the sun without sunscreen to increase the amount of vitamin D in your body.

15 little tricks.

7. Get enough sleep.

As much as you need to work hard and earn a living, you also need to give your body enough sleep for revitalization.

The quality and amount of sleep you give your body will help promote your healthiness. You can improve your sleep by keeping your bedroom cool at night and avoiding blue light after dark.

8. Exercise more.

Frequent workout is beneficial to the body and the muscles. Engaging in exercises like stretching and running lubricates your joints and helps keep you fit.

9. Do the things you enjoy.

Happiness, they say, is good medicine. Most times, people may ignore or forget to do things that make them happy and refreshed as they struggle to make ends meet.

Make out time to do the things that you find fun and interesting. Whether it’s arts and crafts, biking, swimming, reading books, etc., reserve some time to treat yourself to happiness daily.

15 little tricks.

10. Floss your teeth daily.

Flossing your teeth daily helps to avoid tooth decay and mouth odour. A flossed tooth is good for dental health as your gums and teeth will be in good condition.

11. Make out time to meditate.

You can also improve your wellness when you spend time alone and meditate. This will help you to get to know yourself better, check how well you are doing at your target goals, and stay in touch with yourself.

Hiking, running or walking, and even sunbathing can be a promising start. They all give you some room to reflect on things that matter to you.

15 little tricks.

12. Work on overcoming your fears.

Wellness cannot be total if you focus on your physical health alone. Wellness also includes your social welfare, and working on overcoming your fears can be a great approach.

You need to start by acknowledging your fears, and then take action to overcome them. Get books that are related to overcoming your fears, join groups that will encourage you to live your best life.

13. Choose organic foods.

Organic foods are gradually becoming obsolete on our plates and that is not healthy at all. There are many health-related reasons you should choose organic food.

First, they contain a high proportion of the nutrients that your body needs. And also, they help decrease the risks of ingesting carcinogenic pesticides residues in your diet.

14. Engage in intermittent fast.

Excessive food may result in obesity, and this is bad for the heart. It is good practice to occasionally skip meals at intervals. This helps to reduce inflammation and contribute to longevity.

15. Walk every day.

A little walk around the neighbourhood can greatly help to improve your general wellbeing and keep you fit and active.

Taking daily intermittent walks is better than no walk at all. You can decide to park your car 10 minutes away and walk to your workplace or home.


Keeping to these little tricks over time can give you a tremendous result. However, if carrying out all these tricks daily will be a lot for you, you can choose the ones you enjoy doing most and then gradually inculcate others.

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