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Hair treatment: 4 ways to treat and your hair will never stop growing..

      Hair treatment that will grows your hair.

We all want long, luscious locks that make others think we have a celebrity hairstylist in our back pocket but with the cost of salon-grade hair treatments stacking up against our other daily needs it’s sometimes better to find a just as effective alternative and that’s what we’ve got for you: a great selection of hair grow recipes to make your hair look lovely and you feel great. So let’s check them out.

                The first hair treatment.

The first hair grows recipe is pretty simple and really good for damaged hair, restoring essential oils that are stripped from the hair through heat damage. You’ll need two egg yolks, some olive oil and some water. The next step is to prepare the mixture by mixing the egg yolks and olive oil together with a cup of water. When you’ve done this the next step is application.

Thoroughly massage the mixture first into your scalp, working it into your roots and cuticles and then working it into your mane. Don’t wash it out as soon as you put it in otherwise you won’t receive any of the benefits.

Instead, keep it in your hair for ten minutes if you have fine hair and fifteen minutes if you have thick hair. After that, wash it out. Only do this once or twice a month and you’ll start to see healthy results as your hair grows more luscious than ever.

                             The second hair treatment.

The second hair grow recipe requires a bit of preparation work but it’s worth it because of the benefits as you’ll see in a second. Take one banana that is of healthy age (not with green skin but not with brown spots on either) and mash it up into a lump-free paste, discarding the skin as it’s not needed.

You can mash the banana up either with a blender or a mortar and pestle, even with a fork and bowl, but using a blender is the quickest way. Thoroughly coat your hair from the root into the mane and then wrap your hair in a plastic bag and leave the paste to sit for about twenty minutes. After that, wash it out of your hair.

Bananas contain a mineral called silicon and silicon helps hair grow thicker and stronger and that makes it particularly useful for those who have brittle hair that breaks easily. Bananas also contain anti microbes and this helps treat dry skin and after a few uses, starts to remove dandruff. So, if you have brittle hair or a dry scalp, treat yourself to a banana, quite literally.

                          The third hair treatment.

For the third hair grow recipe you’re going to need just one thing: almond oil. Almond oil is excellent at restoring dry, damaged hair and it’s all because of the omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E contained within the oil, making it a potent hair treatment recipe.

To do this, get a bottle of almond oil containing no other ingredients and work it into your scalp gently massaging your roots as you do. Move from the roots to the tips of your hair, making sure to cover it generously. When you’ve done this, leave the ointment in your hair for fifteen minutes and then wash it out.

Over a number of uses, you should start to notice how much stronger and thicker your hair appears, all in thanks to the oil from one little nut.

                      The fourth hair treatment.

If you dye or bleach your hair a lot then this fourth hair grows recipe is for you. Grab yourself a bottle of apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar contains naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy alongside vitamins B and C. This makes apple cider vinegar a great hair grow treatment because it not only restores the natural pH balance in your hair heightened by colouring products which result in brittleness but it also helps your hair grow stronger and fuller.

To make the apple cider vinegar hair growth solution, grab a bottle of it from your nearest store then mix one part vinegar to two parts water. Because apple cider vinegar has a strong smell some may find it unpleasant, mix into the solution some scented oils if you need to.

Once you have your solution, rinse your hair with it. You don’t need to leave it in. Do this a few times a week and once you start seeing a difference, reduce that to a few times per month and then reduce it further until you no longer need to use it.

With this hair grow recipes you will notice how much nicer your hair appears and so should everyone else. So give them a try, particularly if you have dandruff or brittle and damaged hair. And, there’s no reason not to try these out even if you don’t.

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