6 Tips that will help you maintain your skin

6 Tips that will help you maintain your skin.

6 Tips that will help you maintain your skin

We all want to look our best and for that, we rely on a lot of beauty products that come straight off the shelves, but there are ample items in your kitchen cabinet that can help you maintain beautiful skin and a radiant complexion, too. We’re going to explore what these are because they are common, inexpensive to buy, and found in most kitchens without even realizing it.


Chamomile is a common household tea in many places around the world but did you know it can also be used on and for your skin? Chamomile contains a powerful antioxidant called Apigenin. It reduces inflammation and can be a preventative for many forms of cancer.

When chamomile is used on the skin, the Apigenin antioxidant helps the cells regenerate. As a result, your pores will tighten up and reduce the effects of aging.

What’s more, chamomile reduces dark spots as it bleaches the skin, so it’s particularly good for dark smudges under your eyes caused by tiredness and/or stress, but for that, we really recommend a good night’s sleep.


Cinnamon is reputed for being a beauty treatment because it is laden with antioxidants and one, in particular, is a polyphenol which, being a micronutrient, helps regenerate skin cells. That makes it a great treatment for acne, removing the bacteria that causes it, and helping you restore your beauty through ongoing treatment.

That’s not all cinnamon does, though. Polyphenol contains anti-inflammatory properties, helping reduce and eliminate puffiness in the face and rejuvenating a nice plump appearance in your skin while also acting as an anti-aging barrier. Also, it will leave your skin smelling wonderful. What’s not to love about cinnamon?

     Rose petals

If you’ve never tried rose petal tea then you need to because it is such a unique taste, but it also has some unique beauty benefits as well and not just as a drink.

Rose petals contain vitamin C which, like chamomile, can reduce blemishes and lighten the skin but it also helps the skin cells regenerate as well. And, on top of that, rose petals are rich in anti-inflammatory antioxidants which can help reduce surface irritation. It’s great if you have a rash.

Considering the effects rose petals have on the skin, it’s surprising they aren’t promoted more.

    Witch hazel

If you have scars, redness, or open scabs on your skin then witch hazel is your go-to beauty treatment. Witch hazel contains a powerful antioxidant called tannins and tannins can repair broken skin it even provides a protective layer on your skin when applied, preventing substances that cause skin irritation or inflammation from penetrating the cells.

It’s particularly useful for reducing the soreness and redness of sunburn.


Mint is absolutely laden with health and beauty treatment benefits, so if you don’t have any start making it a staple item in your pantry because it’s well worth it as you’re about to see.

It’s brilliant for treating acne and reducing the oil secreted from your pores because it contains both salicylic acid and vitamin A. Moreover, these antioxidants reduce the breakout and intensity of blackheads which nobody particularly enjoys having.

So, if you’re having trouble with your skin and want to increase its natural beauty, apply dried mint to your skin to get it looking its best. Oh and mint can also be applied to the feet to remove the hard buildup of skin found around the big toe, ankle, and heel.


No beauty treatment guide is complete without the mention of lavender, so much it’s almost canonical but that’s because lavender has earned its stripes due to its benefits.

If you have problems with acne, spots, or inflammation on your skin, lavender restores your beauty because the oil is antibacterial, removing and protecting against bacteria that attack the pores and cells in your skin.

When it comes to beauty treatments, you can’t go wrong when you hit your pantry shelves first because there are many items in there that are inexpensive and just as powerful as anything you can buy out of the shops and, when you think about it, natural compounds are the basis for beauty products that actually contain chemicals harmful to your skin.

So why not skip the hefty costs altogether and go search in your kitchen for healthier alternatives?