What are some health risks?

What are some health risks, 5 dangers of being careless with our health.

What are some health risks, 5 dangers of being careless with our health.

Our bodies require daily maintenance and neglecting daily maintenance can come at a price as we reveal to you the 5 health dangers of being careless with our health.

1. Sleep deprivation.

In a world that values high output, productivity and progress, some of us think skipping back on the amount of sleep we get will help us do more but cutting back on sleep can be a dangerous thing.

While we may not feel the effects of sleep deprivation immediately, they do come and cause a number of problems not just for our body but for our mind as well.

The problem with sleep deprivation isn’t the feeling of tiredness that ensues but the symptoms and the most telling first signs are our lack of ability to concentrate or recall memories.

With a lack of ability to concentrate, our work performance degrades and leads to careless mistakes while outside of work (or even in it), accidents are more likely to happen. Other symptoms encouraged through sleep deprivation are weight gain, a weakened immune system, a heightened risk of developing diabetes and depression, all these are health dangers.

2. Processed foods.

Our bodies need nutrients, vitamins and minerals to operate properly and stay healthy, but with today’s on the go lifestyle, it’s become a matter for some to eat what they can when they can and this usually means consuming highly processed foods or a takeout which is mostly calorie-dense while lacking beneficial nutrients.

Highly processed foods may deliver a quick reward to the brain, tasting great and making us feel the same, but consuming highly processed foods too often in a week is tantamount to bad health.

The most common symptom of eating the wrong food is obesity (excessive weight gain) and once obesity happens, it takes a while to shed – meaning the right choices we avoided in the first place are the ones we have to adapt to through inevitability for a return to good health.

With the consumption of highly processed foods, we risk developing diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure which are health dangers.

3. Poor hygiene

Some of us work dirty jobs or endure reoccurring mental health problems (and some of us are just plain lazy) that sometimes accumulates in poor hygiene, but over time this can create many problems and be a very real threat to our own and other peoples personal safety.

Poor hygiene that is a result of strong odours, an accumulation of dirt and grime or sweat can attract unwanted attention from head and body lice, scabies and ringworm.

The real risk of danger to our bodies here is the symptoms that occur with such infestations as diarrhoea but the real problem is, these unwanted visitors can jump to others and spread.

Always pay attention to your hygiene to lessen the risk of attracting and spreading diseases and viruses.

4. Chronic stress

We all experience stress from time to time but too much of it can have a devastating impact on our health. If you endure too much pressure in a certain area of life over a prolonger period of time, it is likely you will be suffering from chronic stress.

Prolonged exposure to stress causes elevated heart rate which can negatively impact both our blood pressure and heart, thus creating heart-related problems leading to heart attack or stroke.

On top of the physical impacts of stress, when the stress becomes too much it can result in depression and/or anxiety, while in some cases it can lead to much more negative developments such as Disassociative Identity Disorder, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and an array of other mental or personality disorders.

Don’t be reckless with your health. If you’re suffering from high-stress levels, show yourself some peak self-care or seek out the services of a therapist.

5. Too little versus too much exercise.

To keep healthy our bodies require some form of exercise each day but doing too much of one or the other can have its own ingredients of ill health, some of which can prove dangerous.

When our bodies are faced with too little exercise, it has the same impact on us as would having a diet consisting of large amounts of highly processed foods. Heart disease is the most common symptom in those who live a life of inertia with Diabetes Type 2 and obesity also quite common factors.

Overtraining or over-exercising is considered a myth by some but science has proven it is a thing and such a state can incur some nasty and potentially dangerous symptoms.

If we aren’t performing at the same level we once were, it’s an understated fact that we’re in long need of a rest but once that sage has passed and we keep on training, we can find ourselves becoming more tired yet unable to sleep (see above), our bodies becoming sorer and thus, accidents and injuries can occur.

Now you’ve learnt the 5 dangers of being careless with your health, try to attain a more balanced approach to your daily activities. The key thing to remember is: a healthy approach is to keep everything in moderation. Basically, don’t do things to excess and you’ll get along just fine.

What are some health risks?

What are some health risks?

What are some health risks?

What are some health risks?

What are some health risks?

What are some health risks?

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