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Sex life: 10 tips on how to enjoy and keep a healthy sex life.

Tips on having a healthy sex life.

Experiencing pleasure without guilt, anxiety, or worry is one of many people’s resolutions in their sex life. For this to become a reality, it is necessary to change some attitudes and put others into practice. Below are ten suggestions on how to have a healthy sex life.

1. no more excuses.

You will always be tired after work, the gym, or college, and it only gets worse when housework and children come into play. So, get used to not making lame excuses to avoid sex from the beginning of your relationship.
As a couple, you should see this as a situation of relaxation and enjoyment. This will, in turn, help you have a healthy sex life.

2. communicate.

It is not just in sex life, but in all types of relationships, talking about what you are thinking and telling others what you like is a great advantage. Your partner doesn’t guess. How do you want your wishes to come true if you don’t tell them what you prefer?

3. touch your body.

This tip applies, above all, to women – a practice that, more than a way to achieve pleasure, is a tool for self-knowledge.
When touching your body, it is possible to identify pleasure points, know which stimuli work, and discover rhythms and intensities of preference. This helps to make sex with a couple tastier and more intense.

4. stay focused on the present.

Leave worries about bills, professional wrangling, and family conflicts outside the room. For sex to be good, you have to give yourself completely to the moment. Thinking of other things that have nothing to do with pleasure can affect you.
It is also necessary to leave anxiety aside – mainly about the possibility of enjoying it or not – and allow things to flow naturally. Only then it is possible to fully enjoy the experience.

5. keep an eye on appearance and health.

Appearance isn’t everything, but it counts. This does not mean that you need to have a model body, but that you are happy with yourself. Fancy the look from time to time. It can shake things up.

6. innovate.

Our body gets used to the same stimuli, touches, smells, positions, and places. Exploring possibilities helps to revive sexual life. It is always possible to discover something new and experience a new sensation as good as it is. Try a different stimulus.
It doesn’t even have to be anything fancy. Sometimes, just a change of environment – from the bedroom to the kitchen, for example – or a series of foreplay already has an exciting effect on those involved.

7. say goodbye to limiting taboos and beliefs.

Prejudices, religious beliefs, and conservative and repressive childhood education are some of the factors that drastically affect the way people express, feel, and deal with sexuality and even with their own bodies.
To have a pleasurable sex life, it is worth striving to separate your will from the expectations and judgments of others. Only in this way is it possible to free yourself from the bonds imposed by third parties and myths and live what is natural positively and healthily.

8. seek inspiration.

To maintain a good libido, you need to know about sex – and not just when you are really on the verge.
Watching erotic movies and videos, reading about the subject, exploring, listening to podcasts on the topic provide knowledge and new points of view, increase the repertoire, and stimulate creativity.

9. maintain healthy habits.

Practising physical activity, for example, releases a series of neurotransmitter hormones and physically prepares you for sex.
Other important measures are: do not smoke or consume alcoholic beverages in excess and avoid heavy foods before bed.
All of this promotes more energy, improves mood, and raises self-esteem, essential factors for a quality sex life. Periodic consultations with the gynaecologist or urologist are also essential to prevent infections and other ailments that affect intimate health and even libido.

10. romanticism is good, and everyone likes it.

The special dates remain the special dates. By this, I mean that they should be treated differently and with more romanticism than normal days.
Even when it comes to sex, it is possible to be romantic by using: nice decorations, flowers, candles, chocolate, champagne, etc. Be sure to show your love that you remember and care about your important dates.

in conclusion.

The dialogue about sex is vital to improve its aspects, open up the game about fantasies and desires, and reveal vulnerabilities or something that bothers us. Dialogue allows us to know what we are willing to experience together and so on, thus improving our sex life.

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