kidney failure symptom

Kidney failure symptom: 7 signs of kidney problem.

Kidney failure symptom.

The kidney is an important organ in our body, if something goes wrong with your kidney or you ignore the kidney failure symptom, you will be really sick and can take your life within a short period of time if you fail to do the needful on time. So today, I want to notify you about some of the most important signs and symptoms of chronic kidney disease and kidney failure.

But more importantly, I want to help you understand how to recognise it in the very early stages, so you will never have to walk down the path of kidney failure, dialysis and kidney transplant.

Remember, these are just tips to help you understand what kidney failure is and the symptoms.


1. Fatigue

A symptom of kidney failure could be fatigue or being excessively tired even when you have had a good sleep, there are many other reasons that you could be fatigue, anaemia is one of them or a low blood count and you can also be fatigue if you have a shortness of breath especially if you have a fluid overload in your lungs, this is related to kidney failure. So the number one kidney failure symptom is fatigue.

2. Insomnia.

Insomnia or not getting enough sleep is another strong symptom of kidney failure, there are many other reasons that this could be chemical imbalances, electrolyte imbalances related to renal failure. If you are a person having difficulty sleeping, insomnia could be a symptom of kidney failure.

3. Itchy skin.

Symptom number three of kidney failure is itchy skin or pariahs. Certain electrolytes like phosphorus are typically cleared by the kidney if you have an elevated phosphorus level, which often happens later in the stages of kidney disease, but this could cause you to have itching skin.

4. Frequent urinating.

Frequent urinating is another symptom of kidney failure, If you are a person urinating more than you should, especially getting up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, this could be a symptom of kidney disease. There are many reasons, one, as the kidney starts to worsen, you don’t concentrate on your hearing as well, which may cause you to urinate more frequently.

And there are other reasons that you could have urinary frequency outside of kidney disease alone, such as diabetes or an enlarged prostate. If you have urinated tract infection, you may get a certain urgency and feel like you have to urinate frequently at any time rate.

If you are urinating frequently as mentioned above, please check with your doctor, because this could be a symptom of kidney disease.

5. Foamy urine.

Foamy urine is the number five symptom of kidney failure. If you urinate in the toilet and your urine looks bubbly or foamy as if you have just poured a beer or something, then this could be a symptom of kidney failure.

When someone has leaking protein in the urine, this could give that foamy appearance of the urine, the protein leakage is not normal, it is a sign of kidney disease. So please, pay attention to your urine, if it’s looking foamy as this could be a symptom of kidney failure, check with your doctor for proper examination.

6. Leg swelling.

Another symptom of kidney disease is leg or ankle swelling. People with kidney disease can get swelling leg or ankles for different reasons. It could be an issue with the way they are filtering their sodium, also if they have a kidney problem, they can be retaining more fluid than normal.

Other things that can cause swelling of legs or ankles as well. If you are having legs swelling be sure to see your doctor because this could be a symptom of kidney failure.

7. Loss of appetite.

Number seven of kidney failure symptom is loss of appetite. In the later stages of kidney failure, you could lose your appetite due to the elevated toxins that are not being filtered out by your kidneys.

It causes food to have a bad taste in your mouth or you just don’t want to eat anything and you will start to have weight loss. So if you have an unintentional weight loss or loss of an appetite, this could be a symptom of kidney failure and you need to check with your doctor immediately for proper examination.

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