healthy lifestyle habits

Healthy lifestyle habits, 14 health tips to help you live a healthy life.

         Healthy lifestyle habits.

As you have heard and read on more than one occasion, to live a healthy lifestyle and better life, you should follow a series of habits to take care of your body but also take into account some indicators that alert us that it is time to prevent and go to a specialist. Some of the main recommendations are:

healthy lifestyle habits

           1. Food for healthy lifestyle habits.

Eat a balanced, varied, sufficient, and quality diet. Fruits, vegetables, fish, olive oil, white meat, whole grains, and skimmed dairy should be the great base of your daily diet. You should also reduce the consumption of pre-cooked foods, pastries, sausages, butter, margarine, soft drinks, and red meat.

          2. Exercise for healthy lifestyle habits.

Take advantage of opportunities throughout the day to increase your physical activity. Dedicate at least 30 minutes a day. You have many ways of doing any physical activity: walking, dancing, running, cycling, tennis, etc. Choose the one you like the most or the one that best suits your needs or abilities.

Do not be more than two hours without moving. A sedentary lifestyle is an enemy of health.

          3. Tobacco

Don’t smoke. Any number of cigarettes that you smoke per day increases the risk of a huge number of diseases such as myocardial heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc. Leave it already!

              4. Alcohol

The World Health Organization recommends not exceeding two measures of alcohol per day.

However, the best advice is to abandon it, it does not contribute anything positive and it does provide a lot of empty calories, as well as being another important source of disease.

                 5. Blood pressure

If you are a healthy person, it is enough that you carry out an annual check and verify that you have a blood pressure below 140/90 mmHg. If you are above, you should go to the doctor and follow his instructions. In any case, reduce your salt intake to no more than 5 grams a day.

                 6. Drink water for healthy lifestyle habits

You should consume at least 2 litres of fluids a day, preferably water. Avoid sugary juices, sodas, and alcohol. For your body to function you must consume water and eat food that contains a lot of water.

A healthy adult with the light physical activity does not need to drink water without being thirsty. But in the case of children and the elderly, special attention must be paid at this point.

          7. Stress

Learn to control your stress and anxiety. Bet on improving your social life and getting a good night’s sleep. Inefficient sleep is a cause of overweight, obesity, and stress.

One of the activities that can help you to reduce stress is meditation. This activity helps you to calm down and concentrate on the things that you have to take along the day.

8. Check your health

Prevention is better than cure because acting on-time guarantees better results. So it is advisable to get a checkup once a year to prevent diseases or any type of problem that may arise.

Maintain a healthy weight without obsessing over it.

Eat between 3 and 5 meals a day, adjusting what you eat to your profile and needs. It will allow you to maintain a healthy and stable weight.

9. No shortcuts to healthy lifestyle habits.

Do not look for or use miracle products in search of shortcuts. It will only empty your pocket and you will be frustrated in the long run.

10. Positive attitude

A positive attitude will help you to improve your self-esteem. Leaving the past behind and taking away what hurts you will make you face what scares you.

11. Maintain proper hygiene

Although we take it for granted, hygiene is really important to avoid health problems.

Maintaining proper hygiene since childhood should be a priority for parents that will reduce future infections.

12. Sunbathe in moderation

It is not necessary to take a swimsuit or bikini, just exposing your body to sunlight improves sleep and mood.

You always have to be careful with prolonged exposure and use cream during the process.

13. Sleep

It is well known that sleeping for 8 hours and having a good rest helps to be healthier. Try to sleep that time, in a quiet place without disturbances.

        14. Social activity

Having any type of social interaction favours the state of psychological and emotional well-being. The same happens with the mental balance of each person. You need to relate to others to be healthy.

healthy lifestyle habits


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