These are delicious bagel sandwiches for you to try out.

Bagel 1- Gluten-free everything bagel topped with avocado, tomato, olive oil, almond cream cheese + lemon pepper

Bagel 2- Sourdough toast slathered in chipotle mayonnaise, hot sauce plus thick avocado chunks snd a fried egg.

Bagel 3- Everything bagel with avocado, crispy edge fried egg, a drizzle of olive oil, lemon, everything seasoning, serrano-garlic hot sauce, sea salt + pepper flakes.

Bagel 4- Everything bagel topped with dairy-free cream cheese, avocado, tomato plus EBTB seasoning for good measure.

Bagel 5- Brioche bun with chunks of avocado, a pasture-raised fried egg made with ghee, cayenne pepper, dill, EBTB seasoning plus chipotle mayonnaise and jalapeno hot sauce.

Bagel 6- Epic everything bagel topped with jalapeno almond dairy-free cream cheese, farmers market tomatoes + avocados with added EBTB seasoning.

As seen on @foodadvice Instagram page.