Best 5 Stretching and Strengthening

Best 5 Stretching and Strengthening Workouts for Thighs.

Best 5 Stretching and Strengthening Workouts

Thigh muscles are known to be one of the most important yet neglected parts of the body while working out. Most people focus on the upper body so eventually even after an intense workout their body looks very disproportionate. You will notice that most of the bodybuilders even commit the same mistakes that their whole focus is on their upper body muscles so they have chicken legs.

However, as a martial artist, you need to work on your upper body as well as the strength of your lower body. This will help you have a much better strength-based value. You will also be able to notice that with better leg strength you will be able to lock your opponent and restrict his body movement which will be a game changer for you.

To work on your thigh muscles you need to understand what signifies a good workout. You also need to look at the types of muscles that are involved in the thigh and how they work. Most people use simple leg-based workouts to work on the thighs however, you might be able to notice some changes but it will never be able to help you sculpt and strengthen your thighs at the same time.  By understanding the anatomy and functionality of the workout you will be able to better target the muscles for strength and sculpturing.

With the help of this article, we will start with understanding the basic anatomy of the thigh muscles. We will then look at some workouts that are ideal for the thigh muscles. Our focus will be mainly on the Stretching and Strengthening techniques so that beginner, advanced, and average martial artists and even a llaymanan use these stretching exercises.

Best 5 Stretching and Strengthening

Best 5 Stretching and Strengthening Workouts

Understanding the Thigh Muscles Anatomy

Just like any other body part, your thighs also consist of different muscles. These muscles have more or less the same function but they are arranged in a way that you will notice them moving to meet certain goals. Here are some of the main thigh muscles you need to know about before you start the workout:

The Anterior Muscles

They are present on the front of the thighs and this includes quads as well. They are also known to be the largest muscles in the body and their main function is to make sure that your body holds the weight and your knee stays stabilized enough to support your body weight.

Best 5 Stretching and Strengthening

The Medial

These muscles are also called the hip adductors so this means that their focus is not just restricted to the ability but also helps with rotation and movement. Their main function is that helps with the rotation towards the midline.

Posterior Muscles

Finally, the last group of muscles with your thighs are the back or tthe muscles of the posterior includes the hamstring muscles that are used for flexion movements. The main focus of these muscles is to help in extending your hip as in bending your knee.

Best 5 Stretching and Strengthening

Stretching and Strengthening Workouts for Thighs

Box jump

This is one of the most effective strength workouts that will help you not only work on the endurance of your body but also help you work on your leg and core strength. You will keep your hands right in front of you and jump with full effort. The goal is to make sure that you are putting in all the effort and not taking any support while jumping on the box. Also, as you go along and notice that you are making some progress you can easily change the height of the box to match your progress.

Best 5 Stretching and Strengthening

Baddha Konasana

This stretch is commonly known as the Butterfly stretch. The goal of this stretch is to help you work on the inner part of the thighs. You will have to sit straight with your back fully aligned. Then you will be required to move your legs in a way that the inner soles meet. This is one of the simplest workouts yet it strengthens the thigh and helps you in avoiding any possible injuries that might affect your body later.

Best 5 Stretching and Strengthening

Lateral Lunges

Lunges are carried out in different ways and they are equally important however if you want to work on your inner thighs, especially on the hip and knee extension this workout will help you a lot. For the lateral lunges, you will get your hand in the front or tucked in under your chin. Then you will sit on one leg while extending the other leg all the way. You can eventually switch the posture on the go and do the same with the other side as well.

Best 5 Stretching and Strengthening

Quad Stretch

Simple and easy Quad Stretch helps you work on your knee strength so you do not have to face any injury. The goal is to stand straight and then lift one leg behind your back. With the help of the other hand, hold your leg and push it to your back as much as possible. This will eventually become noticeable with a simple stretch near the inner back of the knee but it is really helpful for overall lower body strength.


This is a perfect leg-strengthening workout. For this workout, your focus will be on the strength of the body and not on the prevention of an injury. A simple way to make this work is to just pose in a simple pose to sit on a chair. However, there will be no chair involved and your lower body and your feet will be holding your weight. You have to do this workout often because it is not just good for your buttock and leg muscles but also helps you fix your posture.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, the technique of the workout needs to align with the goal of the workout. Most people start with good workout plans but these workouts are either too strong for their will or they eventually give up right after starting it because as a beginner their workout is not complimenting their final fitness goal. With the help of these stretches you will be able to build enough strength that no matter what workout you choose later, you will not have an injury or feel the cramps build up.

These dynamic stretching and static stretching will also eventually help you strengthen your leg muscles so the likelihood of an injury will reduce. However, if you already have an injury or you have muscle cramps do not shift to another workout instead, wait for the cramps to go away. You can also have rest time or just helps your body to recover through good relaxing techniques so your body can get ready for a new workout.

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