6 Benefits of eye exercises and yoga you need.

6 Benefits of eye exercises and yoga you need.

With our incessant use of technology, most of us strain our eyes extraordinarily without knowing the repercussion on the health of our eyes. While our work and routine are set in a way that can’t ward off tech use, we can take up some other practices that can soothe and calm our eyes.

Eye yoga or yogic eye practices are specific movements that aim to strengthen the muscles in your eyes. It helps improve vision, reduces strain, and averts symptoms of dry eye. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of eye yoga and some of the simple exercises for your eyes.

Benefits of eye yoga

⦁ improves eyesight

While some believe that eye yoga exercises can improve vision, there is no specific evidence that proves the improvement of nearsightedness. A study shows that people with astigmatism and refraction errors showed no significant improvements. More research is required to rule out eye yoga as a treatment for eyesight.

⦁ reduces eye strain

Eye yoga can help relieve the strain in your eyes. A study proved that people who practiced eye yoga felt less fatigued than those who didn’t. These specific exercises for the eyes can help reduce stress, keep them focused, and strengthen your eye muscles to keep them healthy.

⦁ treats glaucoma

Glaucoma is a serious condition that results in the erosion of the optic nerve. Eye yoga exercises can help slow down the growth of glaucoma by reducing the intraocular pressure in your eye.

simple eye yoga exercises.

These simple and easy exercises can help relieve the stress and discomfort that you can encounter after an extended screen time or study hour. Ensure to remove your glasses or contact lenses before doing these.

benefits of eye exercises


This eye exercise can be supremely beneficial for releasing stress:
⦁ Sit upright in your seat and take deep breaths
⦁ Face upwards and focus on the ceiling
⦁ Now, roll your eyes to look towards the left side
⦁ Roll both of your eyes to look downwards
⦁ Roll your eyes to look at the right side
⦁ Focus on the ceiling again, and then look ahead. Take a few deep breaths and repeat, starting from the other direction this time.

Benefits of eye exercises.


This eye yoga exercise of palming will help you enhance your focus and calm down your nerves.
⦁ Rub your hands to get them warm.
⦁ Place both of your hands above your eyes, placing your fingertips on the forehead and palms over your eyes. Cup your palms over your eyes in such a way that they rest on your cheekbones.
⦁ Take a couple of deep breaths and focus on the present, on the darkness of your hands, and nothing else.
⦁ Repeat several times and let the calmness take over you.

focus shifting

To start with this exercise:
⦁ Sit comfortably in your chair and breathe deeply.
⦁ Stretch one of your arms in front of you and keep the thumb pointing up as if you’re giving a thumbs up to someone.
⦁ Focus on your thumb precisely and gradually move it towards your nose as much so that you’re unable to focus on it anymore.
⦁ Take a breath or two, and then move your arm back to its outstretched position.
⦁ Repeat the action ten more times.

Benefits of eye exercises.


The blink of our eyes is a natural exercise for our eye muscles. So maintaining a conscious rhythm in action is important to not give them away from myopia. Here’s how you can do it:
⦁ Sit down comfortably and keep your eyes open.
⦁ Blink your eyes rapidly ten times.
⦁ Now, close your eyes and shift your focus on the rhythm of your breaths. Do it for about 20 seconds.
⦁ Open your eyes and repeat the exact ten more times.

benefits of eye exercises

side-ways viewing

This is another eye yoga exercise that can help you improve your vision, attention span and relieve stress.
⦁ Sit down and stretch your legs in front of your body.
⦁ Now, close your fists, keep your thumb pointing up, and raise your arms.
⦁ Keep your eyes focused at the level in front of them.
⦁ Keeping your head straight and fixed, shift your vision to space between your eyebrows and keep alternating in between your left and right thumbs.
⦁ Repeat this exercise 20 more times. Then close your eyes and let them rest.
⦁ Focus on your breath while resting.

distant gazing

To practice this eye yoga exercise:
⦁ Fixate your gaze at a distant object. For example, you can look outside your window if you’re at home.
⦁ Try to pay attention as precisely as you can.
⦁ Inhale deeply and shift your focus towards another distant object.
⦁ Keep focusing strongly and continue shifting it towards other distant objects.
⦁ Pause momentarily at each object to observe and absorb.
⦁ Be grateful with every sight for a healthy vision.


A healthy and strong vision is a blessing, and with the help of the exercise mentioned above, you can maintain and sustain them in a much better way.

benefits of eye exercises.

benefits of eye exercises

benefits of eye exercises

benefits of eye exercises

benefits of eye exercises

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